Welcome to the Centre For Indigenous Knowledge Systems


CEFIKS - The Center for Indigenous Knowledge Systems (CEFIKS) is an independent not-for-profit, non-governmental organization based in Accra, Ghana. CEFIKS has an affiliate branch in the United States. CEFIKS is committed to the inclusion of indigenous knowledge systems in Africa, specifically Ghana, in the mushrooming information technology movement. CEFIKS is also committed to the empowerment of disadvantaged groups in rural and urban areas in gaining access to and also in utilizing both indigenous and emerging information communications technologies. CEFIKS is committed to the utilization of indigenous knowledge systems and other forms of information for capacity building as a way of accelerating socio-economic development in rural and urban areas of Ghana and throughout the West African region.

Mission Statement
Indigenous knowledge systems refer to the complex set of knowledge and technologies existing and developed around specific conditions of populations and communities indigenous to a particular geographic area. It is the knowledge that people in a given community have developed over time, and continue to develop. Much of the knowledge is passed down from generation to generation, usually by word of mouth. It is

  • based on experience
  • often tested over years and years of use
  • adapted to local culture and environment
  • dynamic and changing

An understanding is required of indigenous knowledge and its role in community life from an integrated perspective that includes both spiritual and material aspects of a society as well as the complex relation between them. At the same time, it is necessary to understand and explore the potential contribution of indigenous knowledge to local development. The protection of indigenous knowledge and its utilization for the benefit of its owners and the communities where it is practiced is an important task that requires research.

The mission of the Center for Indigenous Knowledge Systems (CEFIKS) is to examine, preserve, adapt and utilize the local knowledge of various communities and people in Ghana and the West African region.


The strategy for accomplishing this mission includes, but not limited to

1. Research
CEFIKS will:

* act as a clearinghouse for collecting, compiling, documenting and disseminating information regarding indigenous knowledge on agriculture, natural resources management, food systems, traditional medicine and health systems, and arts and crafts;
* conduct inter-disciplinary research on indigenous knowledge systems and the transfer of indigenous knowledge systems, and initiate a long term effort to promote the exchange of such knowledge within Ghana and with the outside world;
* facilitate collaboration between researchers and practitioners of indigenous knowledge systems. establish district and regional indigenous knowledge centers within Ghana;

2. Education
CEFIKS will:
* popularize and spread the use of indigenous knowledge through print and electronic publications, seminars, workshops, and conferences;
* share the results of its research to interested individuals and organizations.